Frequently Asked Questions

Are we in business with other Internet Advertising Companies?

Business Development Institute is an Internet Advertising Company that has been around since 2006 as one part of a connected group of technology companies working together to promote the interests of our clients. Information available on our website comes from our entire family of companies, including but not limited to demo materials, customer testimonials, customer Campaign Site placements, awards, and patents are for illustrative purposes only. Results may vary.

What is Premium Submission?

As soon as your sign-up with us is verified, we submit your site to over 100,000 search engines and directories. This submission process is included in the price of your package. If for any reason you do not complete the balance of service you will still be obligated to pay the $1,995 fee for the premium submission.

Should my company have a blog or put out press releases?

Blogs and press releases are both ways of addressing a potentially large audience. A blog typically invites discussion from your audience while a press release is more formal and structured. Another key difference is that with blogging you can keep your customers up-to-date on daily basis, but a press release is a professional way to inform a broad audience less frequently about bigger changes at your company! Done effectively, both can contribute to a strong online presence and improve the overall effect of your marketing campaign.

How do I know my business is on page 1?

Your campaign package includes a Website Locator Service that will show you exactly where your chosen keyterms appear on fifteen different search engines. Your campaign website will be optimized to appeal to different search engines and will generate rankings over time. Because search engine results are dynamic, we do not guarantee specific placement of any one key term at any given time. Instead we work to ensure that your page will be found by consumers who use a broad range of search terms you have selected.

What does it mean if my site is "bannered?"

If your website features an added “banner” across it with a request that you contact us about your account, you need to contact us right away to bring it current. Your site will remain up with the banner but will not be accessible to you until the hold is lifted. Additional fees will apply.

What sets us apart from other Internet marketing companies?

The content writers and Internet gurus who put together the marketing campaigns at Business Development Institute use the latest techniques and technologies to achieve valuable placement on search engines across the Web! Our proprietary patent-pending technology at the foundation of every Campaign Site organizes and presents your message in a way that attracts the attention of the biggest search engines. Each page on your site will utilize keyword-rich content that search engines will pick up and recognize as relevant and authentic.

What happens if I'm not available to complete my marketing review?

If you are unable to complete your marketing review our Internet experts will step in on your behalf. We will select and complete your custom content for your campaign website.

What happens if I'm not available to review my custom website?

Once our team finishes your custom site, you will have an opportunity to review your product and inform us of revisions you’d like to see. If you can’t or don’t review your site and notify us of the revisions you’d like, you are authorizing us to perform the review on your behalf. After review, your Custom Site is considered complete and final.

What will my campaign site look like?

We build a campaign website that has the look and feel of their site. If any pictures or copy from their site are used, the buyer indemnifies the company with regard to any liability resulting therefrom.

Business Development Institute Awards!

U.S. Patriot Award

This Award was presented for outstanding support of our country by supporting local Las Vegas, NV military members. We understand that our military members have unexpected and sometimes untimely contractual obligations to their country i.e. Unit Mobilization, Annual Training, Military Schools, etc.

This award was presented to the company’s owner by William B. Jr.; a member of the Nevada Army National Guard. He has been a valued employee of a little under 2 years.

William writes,

“I have had many unscheduled VA Appointments and Drill dates changed. Every one of them have been accommodated without incident. They have also employed many other military and former military members and given them the same level of support. This is the best company I have ever worked for. It is hard to find an employer that actually “cares” about their clients and employees!” -William B. Jr., SEO Technician

By supporting our nations soldiers, has provided a quality work environment that is rarely seen from a workplace in present day Corporate America. With you will be employing a company to do your advertising that has, a passion for providing USA MADE customer service at an unprecedented level.

If you are interested in Advertising or Employment with our company please call toll free at 1-877-332-2958 or check out our website