Shopping Carts

Business Development Institute also offers an optional shopping cart feature, bringing your business and your customers even closer through the Internet. A shopping cart feature is essentially a storefront for your website. It enables the customer to browse through your products, selecting a product or multiple products while they browse, saving these products until the customer is ready to check out through a quick and convenient process that will give them the experience of shopping through an actual store, without all of the hassles or stress of leaving the house to shop.

The shopping cart feature will also give you a visual element to your company’s sales, allowing customers to see thumbnails or images with descriptions of the product, giving them a much more in-depth shopping experience instead of shopping through forms on the website or via email.

Your shopping cart is a direct line between you and your customers. We don’t play the middle-man with your money. We help you set it up with your financial information and up to 24 of your products, and after that, it’s all yours. If you ever need more products added, or current items edited, we’re more than happy to help, just contect customer service to hear about our adjustment options.