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  1. This one time setup fee is a non-refundable payment to build your campaign web site using our proprietary software, including building internal pages and writing custom content for you. As a courtesy, we also give you access to our Website locator service to track progress. The one time fee you are paying is for custom work, and cannot be canceled or reused on another website based on the nature of custom content.
  2. The amount of custom content your website contains is based on the fee you have paid and the upgrades you have purchased. This content is based on your marketing review call.
  3. You agree to allow us to showcase your website as a part of our demonstration.
  4. At any time, you may either upgrade your campaign website to allow for the addition of relevant content based on additional products and services you provide, or you can employ us to build you a brand new custom website from the ground up. This can be done at any time for an additional fee. The website cannot be downgraded.
  5. You understand we are providing you with custom work designed solely for your business, which is why there are no refunds, and you understand that any collection activity can result in legal fees and charges up 3 times the amount of the initial sale, not including damages.
  6. Client recognizes that no guarantee is made as to any specific amount of traffic or leads because they involve factors outside of the company’s control.
  7. Part of the site's technology is the use RSS feeds to add relevant content to your site. We do not have total control over the feeds, so we are not responsible for the content listed through these RSS feeds. RSS feeds can be taken down at the client’s request.
  8. If the client desires to have IDX (Internet Data Exchange) associated with their site, the client must provide it.
  9. We are not responsible for changes in Internet protocol not in our control.
  10. For each insufficient funds or returned check, a $50 fee will be applied. If the dollar amount that you paid was less than the retail amount due to a promotion, and for any reason any portion of the promotional price is outstanding after the completion of the work, the amount owed for the campaign by the client will automatically revert to the full retail amount of the campaign plus the individual retail price of any and all bundled services.
  11. Keyword selection is limited to keywords which generate 5 million or less results.

Note: All prices unless otherwise specified are in U.S. funds.

  1. As the authorized decision-maker for my firm, I understand that the credit card or check that I provide for payment will be charged for the appropriate fees according to the custom website I have purchased above. I hereby represent that I am the authorized user for the account that I have provided for payment.
  2. I understand that this is custom work for my new website and that as such, a no-refund, no-dispute, no-cancellation policy is now in effect.
  3. If any pictures or copy from your site are used, the buyer indemnifies the company with regards to any liability resulting therefrom.
  4. While the intent of the service is to provide my website with better exposure, no specific position has been guaranteed or implied. We do not guarantee either leads or sales. Any and all collection costs will be added to the purchase price of this campaign. The venue for litigation will be Clark County, Nevada.
  5. I confirm I have personally filled out the financial information in this order form.
  6. We are not responsible for changes in internet protocol not in our control.
  7. The client understands that the company does no work on your original web site.
  8. All work is done to create a separate new site.
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